Dental tourism: a trend that grows in Mexico

Every year there are more foreigners who come to Mexico to undergo dental treatment, which has generated an important tourism in the field


As well as gastronomic tourism and adventure tourism, there is also dental tourism in our country. This item grows more and more in Mexico and it is expected that at least 50 thousand people will come to our lands to perform different dental treatments this year, providing more work for dentists.
Dental tourism is a very recent phenomenon in our country that has grown due to the quality of the treatments provided, its accessible costs and the new technologies adopted to provide more and better services.
It is estimated that dental tourism generates at least three billion dollars in Mexico. The majority of those who come in search of a dental treatment are American, Canadian and European, but recently travelers from Central and South America have joined.
At least 40% of dental patients in the north of the country are foreigners. Most of them travel to Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez and other nearby towns to be able to undergo treatments that are very expensive in their country of origin.
In the southwest border dental tourism also grows, especially in the state of Quintana Roo and a competitive advantage is undoubtedly the Tours in Cancun and what to say to be an excellent place to practice the cavern diving

According to data from AMIC Dental, a foreign patient who makes use of dental services in Mexico can save up to 90%, compared to dental costs in their country.
In addition to saving money, the high quality of care and the professionalism of specialists in the field are also good reasons to choose Mexico as a dental destination.
The training of professionals in dentistry in our country is one of the best in the region, and due to the high demand in the sector, more and more young people choose to become dentists. If you are thinking that this may be a good option for your future, we leave you some outstanding study programs.