All you need to know about the All on 4 technique

All you need to know about the All on 4 technique
We have already spoken several times of technical All on 4. But his interest is evident daily with the number of people attending the Dental Clinic Adalia for further information. This treatment is one of the most effective and economic techniques recommended to restore all the teeth with very few implants. Ideal for those patients who want to opt for a different solution and more effective than traditional dentures procedure.
Treatment All on 4 represents the best face-art implantology. It consists of immediate placement of a dental prosthesis on the day of surgery, providing effective and reliable restoration with a small number of dental implants. These implants have been specially designed to achieve the desired results and are manufactured by one of the houses most recognized worldwide implants, Nobel Biocare. They are made of titanium, a biocompatible material capable of integrating into the bone and soft tissue tolerant, with a possibility of producing negligible rejection.
The All on 4 dental technique allows dental extractions, eliminate the infection, place dental implants and teeth, in a fixed manner, without palate, on the same day (both the upper jaw and lower). First prosthesis is placed and fixed after the final transient, both anchored to the implants. Its small number of implants significantly reduces the cost of treatment regarding technical traditions
Within the same treatment there are two main choices: fixed solution, which is what we recommend in the Dental Clinic Adalia- or a removable solution that we can remove at any time.
What are the benefits and advantages of treatment All on 4?

Retrieve a fully functional teeth with a small number of dental implants. This comprehensive improvement of the quality of life translates to regain the ability to smile with confidence, or something as basic and elemental as to chew any food you fancy us safely. And the time to recover both qualities is immediate.
And we talk about its advantages over other treatments, we must highlight the rapid recovery; the reduced time of the intervention; safety anchor making unnecessary bone grafts and above all, that fewer implants, treatment is much easier and cheaper.