Summer and dental health: Caries does not have a vacation

Holidays make us change our habits, both those of adults and those of children. Let's spend the summer months at home or elsewhere, we must follow the same dental hygiene routine as during the rest of the year.


- Be careful when practicing sports because with the good weather it increases the number of injuries when going to the pool, to the beach or going out with the bicycle.
- Others go on vacation to Cancun for example and practice diving in caverns or exceed alcoholic beverages in transportation to hotels
- The consumption of sugary drinks increases on holidays being more susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease.
- The changes in our daily routines on holidays make us neglect to maintain proper dental hygiene so you never forget the toothbrush if you eat away from home.
- The consumption of ice cream increases the likelihood of suffering tooth sensitivity.
- With the heat our organism loses water which causes the increase in dry mouth. Eat a healthy diet with fruit juices, vegetables and plenty of water.